Monday, April 10, 2006

NRA vs. Democrats

Received an unsolicited phone call the other night from what appears to be someone representing the National Rifle Association. I was actually in the mood to waste the telemarketers time so I listened silently. The man brought up the 2nd Ammendment and how Democrats such as Hilary Clinton and Ted Kennedy were seeking to abolish the 2nd Ammendment that would do away with the citizen's right TO BEAR ARMS and would I listen to what the NRA President had to say.

"Sure" was the first words I uttered.

After listening the a taped message I then got a 2nd live person asking me my opinion of what I just heard.

"I have no opinion in this matter," I simply stated.

The 2nd live person proceeded to try to sell me a 5 year membership to the NRA for a one time fee of $150, "just $30 a year."

"I'm not interested."

He proceeded to say that he understood that times were hard for many people and that they had 3 year and 1 year memberships....blah, blah, blah.

I became confrontational at this point saying, "I'm really offended by the comment that you understand how times were hard and that he assumed 'times were hard' for me."

He stammered for words trying to apologize saying he didn't mean that times were hard to me. I basically said I wasn't interested and hung up.

So was it a call slamming the Democrats or was it a call trying to sell NRA memberships? Or both. Should I contact the NO CALL LIST people and file a complaint? I think I handled it correctly. I wasted their time as I unloaded the dishwasher. I was also polite and to the point.

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