Monday, March 30, 2009

Watching Tee Ball

Last year I helped coach tee ball, although I think I volunteered myself. I don't think I missed a game and I actually think I was able to attend practices and games more consistently than the coaches who actually received official coaching shirts. That wasn't a problem since last year we were the Cardinals and I had about 5 or 6 Cardinals shirts I could wear. I was always on the field and was very involved in practices as well.

This year we switched teams so our son might be on a team with kids he could possibly go to school with. The practices are much more structured and intense. Keep in mind my son is only 4. My son did say that he didn't like the horseplay and clowning around that was common on last years team. There has been some this year, but not much. The coach's wife is going to be the dugout manager and I did much of that last year.

Tonight we had our first game. Being the new kid on the team my son actually batted 11th out of 12 kids. Last year he batted earlier in the line up. Tonight he played right field twice, first base once and short stop. Last year he was anchored at first base most of the time because he was a good fielder. My son saw 2 pitches tonight and hit both of them. For a 4 year old he seems like such a natural. I don't work with him that much.

Tonight I watched from the stands. I had a tough time not yelling at him when he was not paying attention or when he had his hat on backwards. He caught me off guard on the way home when he said, "I'm bored with tee ball." Great, one game in and I'm fighting his disinterest. He said he likes it when I'm on the field. He also doesn't do as well when he's not involved in every play.

We have practice Thursday and another game Friday so we'll see if his feelings of boredom are short lived.


me said...

I'll be there soon. I just hope not to be so into it that it disintersts my son.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Me, it is kind of odd going and just watching this year. Kind of nice too!