Saturday, March 28, 2009

Card Night

It don't get much better than this! I hosted cards tonight. My friendship dynamics is kind of crazy.

One friend from St. Louis.
One friend from my first teaching job.
One friend from my first teaching job at a regular building.
One friend and her husband from my first regular education teaching position.
Two friends from the first church we joined in Texas.

I have somehow alway been the centerpiece for connecting people to play cards. If I only had the drive or commitment to network like this in the business world.

The last time I hosted cards my brother was in town and we were finished by 11pm. Same thing tonight. We MUST be getting old.


billy v said...

Who was in town from STL?

The MAN Fan Club said...

Dave Perkins played, but had to leave early do to some family situation.

me said...

Had fun!