Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kudos to My Wife

We are tinkering around with listing our house for sale in preparation of possibly moving back to Missouri in 2010. Our idea is if we list it in April for 90 days and we happen to sell it we can rent for a year and break away clean under our timeframe instead of hoping our house sells. We are not desperate now so we wouldn't have to take a close offer that would still cost us out of pocket either.

We have started and completed a few projects around the house and yesterday my wife kicked some tail in her efforts.

1. Painted the front door
2. Replaced the malfunctioning front door handle and locks
3. Took down our dining lights, painted and put backk up
4. Painted our guest room(last room to be painted since moving in)
5. Washed window treatment and bedding in guest room
6. Cleaned carpets in 3 bedrooms
7. Washed the hardwood floors
8. Cleaned most of the house as well

She did most of this without any help as I am still recovering from my outpatient surgery from Monday. Seems I over did it this week and still need to take it easy.


Erin said...

She rocks!

The MAN Fan Club said...

She's best in crunch time. ONCE she gets motivated she does rock.