Saturday, March 21, 2009

Movie Etiquette

Went to the movies yesterday to see The Knowing with Nicolas Cage. Interesting movie to say the least. The previews for other movies were pretty sporadic on who they were targeting as well. Music during the movie was so loud I could see people covering their ears. Loudest I've ever experienced.

Right as the movie started the guy behind us starts unwrapping something and he kept unwrapping for at least 5 minutes. He was so noisy that my mom kind of got ruffled and I asked her if she wanted to move. She just sat up a little and looked over the seat and looked at the guy. The paper rattling stopped.

Near the end of the movie in a slower, most serious part of the movie the starts in again with the paper rattling. I really wanted to stand up and ask the guy to stop. My mom took a candy wrapper from her purse and held it over her head and started scrunching it. The guy stopped again.

I guess when you are in public you never know what to expect. My wife and I had a bad experience watching Bejamin Buttons when some teens kept going in and out of the theater and hopping over their seats as well.

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Justin said...

It's tough to draw a line in the sand while you are in the theater. Good for your mom! :)