Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Little Wet

I think we made up for a whole month of drier weather today. I rained a little bit on Tuesday and then stopped before the moon tried to show its waxing self. I awoke about 5am this morning to a little bit of lightning and thunder as the cold front pushed through. It has been raining about 17 hours straight, most of it a heavy rain. Great opportunity to teach a few things in science today: what causes weather, how the hot air moves to cooler places forcing the cold air toward the equator, ground saturation, runoff, erosion and so on.

The cooler, raining weather should make it easy to fall asleep tonight. Time to get out the thick comforter for sure.

2 more days until spring break.


me said...

hoping my weed & feed actually takes & doesn't all just run off.. I put it out Sunday

The MAN Fan Club said...

Me, I put mine out Monday night. Good thing I got the $35 bag. Still cheaper than TruGreen at $400 a year.