Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monsters Vs. Aliens Experience

My kids let me sleep in today and they were great last night as I hosted cards so I figured that I would treat them and take them to see Monsters Vs. Aliens. At 11:30am I looked online to see the times for the theater by my house. The first movie was at 12:30 and the second one 2:40. I told the kids that they had an hour to clean their rooms and they barely squeeked by on time. I took a $20 from our entertainment envelope and I still had $2 left over from Friday.

I took the kids to the gas station and let them each pick one candy as long as it was close to $1. I showed up at the moves with $19 and change. As I'm standing in line, FREEZING, I hear the lady in front of my order tickets for the 2:05 show. I look up and see that it is on 4 screens and one of them was in 3-D. My son didn't do so well with the Coraline 3-D so I really prompted them to the the regular one. PLUS there was a $3 per ticket surcharge for 3-D. I had planned on having to stand around for 30 minutes or so and got lucky with the 2:05 show. We walked in right as the previews started.

The movie was a good movie for both kids and adults. I had $9 left over. Popcorn or save it and take them to McDonalds? The lines were so long so no popcorn. My biggest temptation came when I went to get a booster seat and the hallway concession was open, fresh popcorn popping and NO LINES. I really wanted it, but passed.

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