Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Doctors and Such

I have a personal doctor that I would see on rare occasions. It was hard to get in when I had a cold so I'd often go to these new E-Care type places. About a month ago I did the same and my bronchitis didn't fully clear so I called Dr. Jones. I got an automated machine that gave his hours: M,T,W, F 5pm until 9pm. Thursday was 2-7pm. Wow, strange hours. When I did contact the office I was informed that he had moved and was no longer taking insurance. The office visit cost $75 and I was not charged for my breathing treatment. He also prescribed an inhaler and even gave me a $20 off coupon. I wonder if I would have gotten better quicker had I went to him first? In the long run I probably was out of pocket $200 by going twice.

Yesterday I had outpatient surgery. I arrived at 1:30 as suggested for my 2pm appointment. I was the only one there and began filling out paper work. I was given a bill to pay, pre-surgery, and was told it was for my deductible and co-pay: $528. I wasn't caught off guard because they called and told me ahead of time. I was taken to my room at 1:40 and was actually sitting in my truck ready to drive myself home by 2:20pm. I just wonder if my portion was $500, what the total bill was for about 20 minutes of surgery time.

Maybe the insurance industry is hurting the economy as well?

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