Thursday, March 05, 2009

No Slowing Down

It has been a busy week with no end in sight. My brother visited last Wednesday and I had 4 straight nights of going out with very little rest. Sunday may have been the best rest I've gotten in a while. Gymnastics Monday night, a financial peace class at Church Tuesday night, I mowed Wednesday night and never made it to take the kids to church, t-ball practice tonight and a visit to McD's for our sponsored school night. We came home and cleaned until about 9pm. We have good friends coming to stay with us for a night. Tomorrow should be fun as the guys will go play cards as the women stay home with the kids and visit. Saturday my wife has a school carnival after noon and another friend from the midwest is visiting for 2 days so we are hooking up with them sometime Saturday evening.

It may very well be Sunday again that I'll get my day of rest. Maybe God's plan of having a day of rest is something we all should heed! After that we have one week before spring break. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

A friend of mine accused me of becoming "One of those parents" when I told her we had commitments every night this week.


billy v said...

Thank goodness you aren't on twitter or updating your facebook status with all of these things.

Resourceful said...

Hey, remember when we used to talk about "those parents"?

me said...

so u did play cards?

You gotta slow down you are very old you know

Erin said...

We had a BLAST!!!!! Thanks for having us! And you didn't need to stay up cleaning for us :)

The MAN Fan Club said...


I'm not "thrill"ed with facebook. It may be a once a week thing for me. One of my friends check it with his Blackberry from work. I think my wife does things like that too, but she doesn't have time to check email. Go figure?


The MAN Fan Club said...


Played, drank, snacked, won a little. Broke even on the night. Good times. We had 6. They were still talking about that one friend I brought.


The MAN Fan Club said...


When the house needs a major cleaning we invite someone over. Don't EVER show up unannounced!


me said...

That "one" friend makes many people uneasy..