Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sorry Grandpa

I want to apologize to my grandpa, post mortem, for thinking he was mean for throwing my mom's paper dolls in the fire when she was a child. She left them out and didn't pick them up. As a parent I faced this crossroad myself today. My wife swept the hardwoods, and like usual, she allowed me the privilege of picking up the pile. In this pile was dust, dirt, small pieces of trash, a kid's sock, 3 paper airplanes and 1 Sonic airplane toy. The paper airplanes were made of paper from a special kit my son got this weekend. You probably see where this is going.

I picked up the airplanes and neatly stacked them. I wondered where I might put them. Then I decided that if it wasn't important enough to pick them up then he wouldn't miss them. In the trash they went along with the broken down Sonic toy. I've actually attempted things like this before, but was foiled when one of the kids see them in the trash.

So, sorry Grandpa, I understand your plight. Although my mom says they were her only toys.

Did you know? The Galileo spent the last decade of his life in prison because he was teaching that the earth wasn't the center of the galaxy and the Pope of the Catholic Church sentenced him to house arrest. He could have been hanged. This was in the 1600's and Pope John Paul offered an official apology in 1984. Nice.


billy v said...

not quite up to your fun fact of the day standards, but I'll take it. Was at Mizzou-OU tonight. I sent a picture of the scoreboard from my phone to CB

Baby Barnes Blog said...

The Galileo story is a great one, they actually have a really good children's book about it at the McKinney library. Grace and I read it last summer. It opens up the door to talk about our beliefs and standing up for what you believe.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Baby Barnes,

Things like this make it easy to discredit some science as FACT. The accepted truth often changes.