Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Finale

I spent about 12 hours overnight with some stomach virus that made me a frequent flier to the bathroom. I was up probably about 10 times trying to settle my stomach. At one point I even broke into a sweat. I left the house on time to make the 9am church service. I had a friend meeting me there so that ruled out staying home to get better. I stopped with the kids at a donut shop and I got a cake donut to put on the volcano. I only ate about 1/2 and held it down.

Church went well and afterwards we went to Durkins Pizza again. I brought another newbie with me and I think they enjoyed it. I was only able to put down 2 pieces as I was still on "alert" stages to my stomach problems. All was well. I came home and washed my truck. I also put a wax on it. My wife got home from her conference around 2pm and I detailed her car as well. Today was SO MUCH nicer than Friday and Saturday. After leaving for a few hours to watch the OU/UNC game I came back home to mow my yard and play with the kids.

I did pretty well with the kids on my own. I'm not the type of dad or husband who would shy away from being alone with my kids.

I do hope I get a better night's sleep tonight.

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