Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I finally beat my wife in a game of Scrabble last night 314 to 302.

Scrabble has been our game of choice the near 14 years that we have been married. My wife has come a LONG way in the level of her play. When we first started playing she would only focus on what she was doing and wouldn't pay attention when she was setting me up for the Triple bonus plays. Often she would play an S in a wimpy place instead of putting it at the end of a word to create 2 words.

The last few years her level of play has really gotten better and her competitive side has come out. We played enough that I got her the Diamond Anniversary set with the rotating board and black letter tiles for Christmas and she LOVES it.

Now when we play she really takes a long time to play because she is wanting to maximize her points and doesn't want to miss the big play. This kind of makes the game drag and robs me of a little joy when we play. I'm always planning ahead and play quicker. Last night I suggested we get a timer and keep each play to 2 minutes or less. She didn't like the idea. We used to play 2 to 3 games as a setting when we played faster. Now it takes 2 hours to play one game. I brought this up and she says she at least wins more now.

Last night I only won because I told her I could spell pimento with all my letters. She pointed out when I could play it. It so happens it was on a triple tile so I scored 88 points with one play. Without her her help I would have lost again. I told her this was a much needed victory and I could see playing again this week. Now I just got to find the timer.


Becca in Texas said...

In college we played speed scrabble without the board. I ended up liking that a lot better because it wouldnt take forever. I havent played in forever. I love scrabble. My brain can do words =) Card games take math and I can't think that way while having fun.

The MAN Fan Club said...

WITHOUT the board? Kind of like dominoes with letter tiles?