Friday, March 20, 2009


I posted a while back about the limits of the Redbox movie renting system. I still think they need to add a side for returns only so people who are just returning can get in and out quickly.

Recently I visited the Redbox website, , and found a lot of good things about Redbox:

#1 You can go online and find out where the Redbox locations are.
#2 You can search for a movie and it will tell you which Redbox to go to.
#3 You can check out a specific Redbox and see what movies they have.
#4 You can reserve a movie before you go and take away all guess work.
#5 You can return the movies to any Redbox. This would be good for a long distance trip.

So, give Redbox a try. Not quite as many movies as Blockbuster or any other place, but a LOT cheaper.

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