Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Should Have Rested More

If you have surgery that requires you stay off your feet for 24 hours and not exercise or do any heavy lifting for 3 days I advise you follow instructions. Last Monday afternoon I had outpatient surgery and got home around 2:30pm. Tuesday my mom came in from St. Louis and I left around 10am to go and get her. Looking back I realize how I jumped the gun in getting out of the house. In reality I HAD to go pick her up. I did rest most of Tuesday and even passed up an offer to go to the Mavericks basketball game.

Wednesday I went to the movies in the morning and fishing at night. We walked a lot at the first fishing place.

Thursday I again went to the movies in the morning and at night I went out with some friends and my wife to a sports bar to watch basketball and be entertained by poor karaoke singers.

Friday for the third morning in a row I went to the movies. Then after that I went to the same sports bar to watch the Mizzou game and at night my wife and I went shopping at Lowes which required a lot of walking around.

When I came home Friday night I was in pain. I realized that I had kind of overdone it for the week. I got up Saturday morning and drove my mom to the airport and then came home and did NOTHING. Sunday it was church and NOTHING. Monday was work and the pain and discomfort was still there. So Tuesday I stopped by the doctor's office and he said all was well.

Today was one of my best days and I can finally say that I'm feeling like I'm almost out of the woods. If ONLY I had rested more the first 3 days! Doctor knows best.


JDHTEACH said...

Well now I don't feel as bad. I had no problems but then again I went home and did nothing for 48 hours.

I understand the need to go get your mother though. It would cost about 60 bucks for her to get to your house from the airport.

The MAN Fan Club said...


I didn't realize that driving was so tough. It was probably my biggest problem.