Monday, March 09, 2009

I can See Spring Break

For once we are not leaving the state of Texas for spring break. I am having minor surgery Monday and actually look forward to taking it slow for a change. It was another busy weekend. We had something every night last week and then friends came over to spend the night Friday. I went to play cards with this friend. One slice of pizza cost me $10. I gave the host a $20 thinking I'd at least get back $15, but I guess she forgot. With that $10 and the cost of beverages for me and my friend I ended up even on the night.

Saturday we got the yard in shape. My wife weeded and cleaned the beds while I scalped the lawn. At night I went to visit the KVKid at a pastor friend's house. The biggest mistake of the weekend may have been that burger from Burger Island. I ate a burger and some greasy fries about 8pm Saturday night and work up Sunday with stomach cramps and the sweats. It cleared, or left my body, in time for me to go to church.

I wish they timed spring break with daylight savings time. Another busy week ahead. We may go camping this weekend and grandma is coming to town next week!


me said...

I wish I had a spring break.. When you going to find out about billy coming down & cards?

The MAN Fan Club said...

Hopefully soon. Still should play cards. If I can walk by then (:


Anonymous said...

Ah...I figured out the minor surgery. If it is what I THINK it is you will be fine. I had mine done in the morning. Moved a little slower that night but by noon the next day I was fine.


Anonymous said...

I would love to host some cards over SB. Let me know who all is interested.