Monday, July 16, 2007

What Did You See?

I went to the movies tonight by myself. After being unsuccessful for 2 days in a row to get a friend to go with me I decided to go ahead and go alone. There were only 2 movies that I could see for FREE with my movie passes and had originally planned to see Die Hard with a good friend who had to cancel at the last minute. I then decided to see the other movie on my own. I ended up seeing Knocked Up. It got pretty good reviews on the website so I went to a chick movie all by myself.

Knocked Up movie review: The story line was appealing enough and the movie kept my interest 90% of the time. I would not recommend seeing it based on the number of times the "F" word was used and there is an unnecessary amount of SKIN in the movie.

On the way out to my car I saw a former student who asked, "What movie did you see?" I really felt like telling a lie because I was either embarrassed or convicted by seeing this movie. I really wished I could tell him that I saw a decent movie. I told him the truth and said not to see it because there was too much profanity in it.

This brings me to another point I struggle with. I sometimes go to the movies just to be going without using my best judgment. I would easily say 1 in 3 movies I have seen lately really aren't fit for watching. I have often read review on, but this time I did not.

I confess my lack of good moral judgment.

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