Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Feet are Killing Me OR I'm Soaking Wet

Took the family to Six Flags over Mid America today. This is a hard thing for me to do since I become an eager kid when going to things like this. The following is the THEN and NOW list of me going to Six Flags:


Arrive early to be first in line ....Show up as the park opens
Park and RUN for it ....Park, wait, wait, wait, etc
Walk REALLY fast ....Walk like I'm 90(kid speed)
Run for roller coaster rides ....Walk to kiddie park
Ride the rides I like ....Ride ones my 6 year old can
Think only of ME ....Think of others

You get the point. It really was hard for me to slow down and make this a family trip. One positive was we got in for FREE. 3 reading tickets from school and my 3 year old son was free. I was impressed that my daughter rode all the 42 inch and taller rides, including the roller coasters. My son barely made the 36 inch requirement, but did ride a few rides. The Scrambler ride we rode together and he basically drooled all over me trying to keep his composure. No crying kids and only one incident of my 2 kids fighting for line placement.

We met my mom at 3pm at Dairy Queen and she took them home as my wife and I got to enjoy the thrill rides. There really were very little wait times. The only 30 minute wait we had was on the new Tony Hawk roller coaster ride. By 7:30 pm "My Feet Were Killing ME" and we ended the evening riding 2 water rides. I left the park "Soaking Wet." We kind of wished the kids could have been on the last 2 water rides with us.

Our free day out really cost us about $70.
$20 for parking. I paid $5 extra to park up front. $9.50 for a sports bottle drink that we were allowed to refill for $1. I think we had 6 refills. Later I find out they had a deal for $12 with unlimited refills. Dairy Queen lunch was about $16, grandma included. Funnel cake $6 and dinner out at a local establishment was $20.

Friday I will mow for my brother and then we will go to Grant's Farm to see the animals. The park is FREE, but parking is $8. Anyone willing to give us a ride????

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