Sunday, July 22, 2007


As I sat at a local intersection with my daughter she commented that "someone was smoking." She was right, even with our windows up and the A/C going we could smell the invasive odor of the burning cigarette.

I thought I would post down 10 offensive or disgusting smells.

5 Imposing Smells others may force upon you

1. Cigarette smoke-this distinct, unhealthy, discharge of a cigarette lingers and travels very far. I don't know what is worse, the original smell of the cigarette at the bar, or the smell of your clothes after you get home.
2. Body odor-this tends to be a problem for heavier people, or those who don't shower that often. Sometimes the smell of body odor that has a heavy dose of perfume on it is even worse.
3. Flautulence-we all break the wind, but it is how and where we do it that counts. I'LL POST A PERSONAL FUNNY ON THIS ONE TOMORROW!
4. Breath-some people suffer from HALITOSIS, but sometimes items like coffee or onions can really extend how far your bad breath travels.
5. Bad perfume-when someone WAY OVERDOES their favorite cologne or eau de toilet so that everyone within 20 feet can smell them.

5 Bad Smells in General

1. Urine-especially the whiff of a concreted area where people may urinate in public. An example would be a place where the homeless may relieve themselves.
2. Burnt popcorn-those who set the microwave for 4 minutes and walk off only to come back to a smoke filled room and ruined popcorn. This smell travels much farther and tends to be more permanent than cigarette smoke.
3. Skunk-if you've ever run over a skunk while driving you may understand this one. The smell lasts forever in your car.
4. Death-decomposing flesh has a very pungent smell about it. We had a 99 Cavalier in which a mouse built a nest. When I turned on the A/C unit the fan basically blendered the baby mice and caused more than $500 damage. Imagine my car sitting on the dealer's lot for 2 days with the windows up in near 100 degree heat. That smell went with the car when we traded it in.
5. Vomit-that raw semi-digested food with the trace of stomach acid can cause gag reflexes in many people.

Future posts include one of my near tragic flatulence occurences AND positive smells!

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