Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back in Texas

We left Missouri Friday morning and crossed the Okla/Tex state line about 5pm. We hit a little bit of rain in Okla and of course it rained on us most of the 40 minutes we drove in Texas. Everything sure is green around here. Mowed my lawn today and I had to weedwhack the backyard before I could mow. Didn't like mowing on high either. I'm sure I'll get back out and mow it another notch lower Tuesday or Wednesday. Caught a 3-legged toad today. My wife thinks she whacked the leg off the time she mowed a few weeks ago.

The scales revealed that it is time to get back on plan.....up 10 pounds from the last day of school. The trip to St. Louis KILLED me and I can feel it. I'll be in the gym everyday except Sundays until school starts up.

Top 10 Things I Enjoyed in St. Louis
10. Trip to St. Louis Zoo with friend K and kids
9. Trip to KC to watch Cards play. Would be closer to 1 if they'd won OR even competed. They lost that game 14-6.
8. Fishing and fireworks out in Beaufort MO
7. FOOD=weight gain
6. Bowling 3 of 4 Wednesdays
5. Six Flags with family
4. Grants Farm with J, J and the boys
3. The Police Concert with BillyV
2. Getting in 30 days of family, enough to last until Christmas.
1. 12th Anniversary overnighter. It sure was nice sleeping in a queen sized bed with my wife for the first time in 30 days. Plus taking in all the outdoors things.

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