Sunday, July 29, 2007

Crave The Word

As a Christian one of the things I really struggle with is actually spending time in God's word on a daily basis. This is crazy to me because I thoroughly love and enjoy reading the bible. I fall short of saying CRAVE because that would suggest that I would be more active in reading the bible. I created a website one time while teaching a bible class and it died out within a month. I've also copied and pasted passages in a 3 ring binder from Biblegateway and it also lasted about a month.

Reading the bible is not a chore at all, but for some dumb reason I seem to get too busy to consistently grow myself spiritually in the word. I'm too busy watching TV, checking email, mowing, etc. Well, my new goal is to actually read one chapter of the bible each day and post it on a separate blogger site. You are welcome to read the chapter, comment on the few things that I share, or post a comment on something that the passage is telling you.

I challenge you to keep me accountable in the effort and hope I grow spiritually and act as an encouragement for you to get busy reading the bible as well. Hopefully I will last longer than a month!

So feel free to click the link to your right called Crave The Word! I've already posted Epeshians 1. I comment on how God sees you if you are a believer and also give my understanding about not being able to lose your GIFT of salvation.

You've come this far.........spend less than 5 minutes in The Word!

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