Monday, July 23, 2007

The Story

My side of the story:

During the winter of 94 I left work at the Jeep Eagle dealership where I worked to pick up my late night date. I pulled up in my brand new 1995 metalic grey all wheel drive Eagle Talon with leather interior. I was sure to impress my date. I hopped out of the demo and headed to the apartment in which my date lived. After a few minutes we returned back to the car and like a true gentleman I walked her to her side and opened the door. After she was safely in I walked around the car and let myself in the driver seat. It was then that I felt a sense of terror. I had released a wee bit of gas before I got out of the car to pick up my date and little, if any of it, had disapated in the cold St. Louis air. Like a deer in the headlights I froze, not acknowledging the smell, just hoping the new leather smell would stand out to my date more than what had come out of my rear end just minutes before. My date ended up marrying me that following summer.

Her side of the story:

The story is rather accurate! My future husband came upstairs to my apartment and lingered between 5 and 10 minutes. It was a rather cold evening in late Feb or early march. Like a gentleman, he opened the car door for me. I had no idea of the suffocation I was about to endure. It was terrible. I had smelled gas before, but never this smell. I imagine the 10 minutes of cold air had frozen the smell into fart icycles just hanging from the roof! He did realize upon his entry, which seemed to be hours later, and meekly squeeked out an, "oh...sorry." We laugh about this still to this day!

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