Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mental Day Planner

I have never carried around a day planner or calendar book. I know some people have their lives and schedules written down months in advance and are very detailed about appointments and such, but I've always kept a mental calendar of where and when I should be. That said my mental calendar has been thrown into overdrive with school quickly approaching.

When school let out early this past June that August 17th date was posted deep down somewhere in my right parietal-temporal lobe. I knew I had 30 days to spend in St. Louis and had mentally figured different milestone dates that would increase my awareness as to when I would have to go back to work.

Dates and matter of importance to me

July 1st-one full calendar month before August
July 17th-30 days before reporting back to work officially. Most teachers go back WAY before their report date.
July 25th-my first step back into thinking about the next school year. I had a 2 day science workshop.
July 31st-to me this is kind of my LAST real day of summer because August will be busy.
August 11-going with 50 colleagues on an overnight team building ropes course deal.
August 17-first real report day to work in the room and 10 daby BK(before kids).
August 24-my last weekend, although August 17th is the last FREE from kids weekend.
August 27-ready or not, here they come
August 31-first Friday and start of a 3 day weekend
September 4-this Tuesday will be the start of what I hope is an awesome year!

With all of these dates bouncing around on my mental calendar I rarely miss an appointment or responsibility. AND September 3rd is in there because it is my wife's birthday. I am already thinking how many days I have left to buy her something special. Wish me luck on that one.

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