Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One Last Time

Sometimes experiencing something for the last time can be exciting: the last day of school before Spring Break or Summer, the last car payment, the last set of a tough workout, last few minutes before the workday is over, one last mile of a 600 mile trip and so on.

Sometimes the last time you do something could be less exciting, yet anxious moments: the last time you hit the snooze button, the last weekend of your Summer break, the last month of 1 year free financing on furniture, the last paycheck of a spouse who has just decided to be a stay at home spouse.

Last week as I drove home I started to reflect on another possible last time. With my parents getting older and both of them having experienced life threatening illnesses I really cherished the 30 days that I just got to spend with my family while in St. Louis. My visits with each parent may have been the last time I get to see them. I won't be back until Christmas.

Today my friend asked me to be a witness and sign her friend and roommate's DNR(do not resusicitate) papers. Since Spring her friend's situation has rapidly deteriorated and she is looking at days of life, not weeks, months or years. As I mowed my friend's lawn I was humbled into thinking how we waste the days we have and how we take each day for granted. Her friend has most likely experienced many lasts: Christmas, Thanksgiving, snowfall, spring when flowers begin to bloom, vacation, dinner at a favorite restaurant, birthday parties and so on. Right now her time is limited and so precious that she has most likely experienced her last: trip out of the house, excitement about something on TV as trivial as American Idol or Survivor, even the last day that she just felt well.

Fact is we will all perish, but when we're MUCH older right? Don't take it for granted. C.S. Lewis once said that God "shouts to us in our pains, it is His megaphone to a deaf world."

First I ask you to pray for all involved in this sad time.

I also pray that you and I are reminded of how special life is and to value ALL of the moments that you go through, whether small, tedious, or rewarding.

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