Sunday, July 08, 2007

Finishing, Finding, Fishing, Fireworks

Finishing: Saturday I finished a few projects for my mom. I sealed much of the grout from my tile job along with trimming up her Bradford Pear tree(my least favorite tree).

Finding: About 2pm we left to look for places for my mom. She is within 2 years of retiring so she is thinking about her options and it includes possibly moving out of the city area.

Fishing: We stopped by my cousin's place to fish. We had 3 poles, 3 hooks, 1 bobber and 12 worms. When we showed up around 6pm over 100 fish were sitting by the banks waiting for us. Mostly blue gill and perch. Found out later that my cousin feeds the fish every day at 6pm. My cousin had a cooler with cold beverages waiting for us along with bug spray and a damp cloth for washing our hands. All of us caught something, probably 30 fish in all including a bass that I caught. We only lost one hook.

Fireworks: We journeyed down the road about 5 miles to my brother's place. On many weekends you can find many of Missouri's finest drinking beer from sun up to sun down. I warned my kids that Uncle T might be sunburnt, stinky, and a little "goofy." His firework show was FANTASTIC. He had over $500 worth of booming explosives. He has 2 guys set things up before hand and they were lighting away keeping the show going constantly. Pretty dangerous set up also. With all the intoxicated people shooting fireworks I said, "The emergency room, I mean, stupidity room better be ready......" One group of people brought a potato launcher that included an over the shoulder cannon, aerosol chamber and an igniter. It shot potatoes well over 100 yards. We left about 10:15 pleased to report.......NO INJURIES!!!!!!

Today is our 12th wedding anniversary. Grandma just took the kids to church and my wife and I have reserved a Bed n Breakfast for tonight. Will go to a state park to explore and maybe swim along with hit a few antique shops. I usually do a rib eye steak on our anniversary.

It's HOT outside!

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