Saturday, July 07, 2007


On Friday I mowed my brother's lawn again in exchange for FREE labor on the install of power locks for my truck. On the way back to my mom's house I decided I would stop by a place called Gus' Pretzels. I could treat my family to a few pretzels.

I got lucky and found an up front parking spot, but quickly found that this was a CA$H only place. They did have this little ATM machine that would print you a receipt that would be treated as cash at the register. $1.50 fee plus the $1.50 from my bank........just GREAT! As I stood in line I noticed they had hotdogs. A few weeks ago we almost bought bagel dogs at Einsteins Bagels, but they were $6 each so we passed. At Gus' they were only $2.50 each so I ordered lunch for my family.

These pretzel dogs were GREAT. IT was basically a HUGE hotdog inside of a perfectly toasted bagel. I did get one St. Louis style salsiccia, but it wasn't that good. I also picked up 3 twist and 3 stick pretzels. For this place to be a St. Louis staple I am not really impressed with the plain pretzels. I'll definitely go back for a pretzel dog, but would probably have to try the cinnamon pretzel.

Gus' Pretzels is located across from the brewery on Arsenal, 1/2 a block from Highway 55. You could also plan to take the FREE brewery tour which has a tour every 15 minutes and you get 2 free samples at the end of the tour.

Tonight's activity includes watching fireworks that my brother will fire off. About $400 worth. Downside is most everyone will be fully intoxicated by the time we get there AND it is HOT and HUMID here in the St. Louis area.

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