Sunday, April 29, 2007


Gluttony: excessive eating and drinking.

I was invited to go out to lunch with the guys from church to a Mexican buffet called Panchos. I've been here before on a few occasions the past 11 years I've been here in Texas, but today was different. 2 of the guys were firefighters who a regulars at Panchos, myself, a teen and a first timer to Panchos. The Panchos regulars were preparing the first timer for his first trip thru the buffet line and I kind of got drawn in to filling my plate more than usual. 4 enchiladas, 1 tamale, 2 tacos, 3 flautas, 3 taquitos, 1 chimichanga, chips, hot sauce, queso, 3 diet Pepsis, 2 sopapillas, and 1 ice cream cone later I realized that I had indeed overdone it. It would be easy for me to point out that I still consumed the least of us 5, but the point is I ate WAY beyond my regular comfort zone.

As we drove home our conversation was not as lively as our trip to Panchos. We were all feeling it. Then as they turned onto my street I wondered why the digestive system relaxes when you are within a block or two from home. Then the worst possible thing happened.......I was locked out of the house and I severely needed a restroom break. Lucky for me a window was open and I manipulated the screen and climbed inside.

After a few short minutes I was in some real comfortable clothes stretched out on the bed ready for a badly needed, sleep deprived driven, stuffed belly triggered, nap.

As I reflect upon my day I understand that too much of anything in excess is not a good thing. I have paid and will continue to pay for my sin of gluttony today. I may need to re-enroll in Weight Watchers OR this may prompt me to get things under control again.

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