Friday, April 06, 2007

Tale of 2 Brothers

My older and only brother made a rare visit last weekend and flew out early Tuesday morning. We had a great time and I often reflect on how our paths in the life have run different courses.
I will share a few ways we are different:

He listens to country, I listen to 80's, and 90's pop. He spends Sunday mornings tailgating before football games, I spend those 3 hours in church. He graduated high school early, I was the first in our family to graduate college. His favorite drink is any non-light beer, mine is diet Pepsi. He gives 10% of his income to the NFL, I look to give 10% to the church. He was married at 18, I was 30. He was a dad at 18, I was 35. He is divorced, I am on my first and only marriage. He's great at most sports, I'm just good enough at most. He hunts all the time, I once shot a rabbit. He owns his own business, I'm employed by the state. I go and watch free 4th of July fireworks displays, he spends at least $500 an shoots his own fireworks.

We do have some similarities:

We both will help anyone in need, have 2 kids, are giving, drive black Chevy trucks, have owned Jeeps, played varsity baseball, and we both enjoy each other's company.

My friend CB will surely comment on this!

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