Wednesday, April 11, 2007

5 Kinds of Chips

1. Snack chips
2. Poker chips
3. Wood chips
4. Golf chip
5. Guys named Chip, or Skip?

Well, last Saturday I ended up having 5 different kinds of snack chips. I fell off the diet wagon very hard. I started the day off well having 2 small muffins that were only worth 2 points total and after that my wife and I played racquet ball and worked out a little so I figured I was well ahead of the program. After we got home my wife ran for a few groceries and she ended up bringing SunChips home and that's where the downfall began.

While sitting around snacking we got a phone call to mow at the church and that added another 3 hours of work out time so I figured I worked off the Sun Chips. After mowing we stopped at a quickmart for hotdogs and you guess it, chips. I ended up getting sour cream and onion chips as well as bar b que chips. 3 chips by 4pm.

After we got home I also ate a few hard pretzels. Then I went with a friend to watch the Mavericks at a local sports bar. While there I had to have their chips and hot sauce.

Fittingly I had to eat about 5 Tums during the night.

Wow, what a confession. No wonder I am up over 200 pounds again. This week has been a little better, but trying to break the snack habit!

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