Friday, April 20, 2007


There was a time in my youth when I was known for the good hugs that I gave. This was a great way to get closer to girls when going to youth camp as a youth and later as a chaperone. There was always plenty of The MAN to go around and I never ran out of hugs. When dating I would probably give a high hug to kiss ratio which moms and dads liked, but some dates eventually got bored with.

Then something happened along the way and now I seldom hug anyone. Actually I give hugs to family or my male friends. Maybe getting married limited the number of girls that I hugged, or at least the really attractive ones. I didn't want to offend my wife. Or was it because I got into teaching? Male teachers who hug could jeopardize their careers when the female teachers seem to be able to hug all students. My policy is NO HUGS. If a student insists on giving me a hug I am purely a receiver with my hands away from them or at my sides.

I actually feel that I am hugging impaired. Guess it is time to buy Hugging for Dummies. My wife and kids would really appreciate it. AND it would be good for me.

We did have an activity at a staff development where we had to develop a rubric for hugging. One co-teacher said a good hug would last for a minute. To prove her wrong I hugged her and held on until she got embarrassed or flushed. We had fun with this activity and then we were told that the hug we should have been analyzing was the Hershey Hugs. OOPS!

When is the last time you had a good solid hug?

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