Sunday, April 08, 2007

Super Sunday

Easter Sunday for Christians really is like the Superbowl Sunday of our faith. Good Friday, when Christ was crucified, is like a team being WAY down and today that team has a miraculous come back to win it. The miracle in our faith is that Christ was NOT in the tomb and he was indeed ALIVE!

Today at church we had an awesome celebration. My wife and I missed the worship time as we had our first experience with our kid's SUPER church. After the service 5 people were baptized in the jacuzzi. It sure was cold too! From there we had Jason's Deli catered in and all the families ate lunch provided by the church. The kids had many things to do also: egg hunt, jump house, hayride, pinata and a petting zoo.

I am so excited to be involved in this church . 2 coworkers from school have started attending and one joined today! My faith is being renewed and I can't help but tell others about the good news.

When my wife and I first attended early December they were meeting in a Jumpin Zone place for kids. Since then they bought 5 acres with a house and a reception hall. We converted the house into Sunday school classes and the reception hall into our sanctuary. Attendance was maybe 80+ when we started attending. Today we had 180 people all told.

You are welcome to join next Sunday!

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