Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bad Service at Sears

Last Saturday as I mowed at the church I saw oil gushing out the side of my mower and just knew the time for buying a new mower had arrived. Last year BillyV helped me change a fuel bowl which helped keep it running for a year. In that time I also lost part of the undercarriage and have had to add oil each time I mowed. My last mow last season I busted the handle bracket which serverely disabled my mower. I spent about $40 this spring to revive it one more time.

This week I researched mowers online and found a Craftsman at Sears. After comparing a few models between Sears, Lowes and Home Depot I decided to look one more time online at the Sears Craftsman mowers and much to my delight the one I liked was an additional $30 off.

I loaded the family and drove 13 miles to the closest Sears. We walked in and found the Lawn and Garden department. I browsed a few minutes expecting someone to help me and it never happened. One salesman ended up helping another couple who were looking for their first mower. I waited about 30 minutes before leaving. A young man in a Craftsman hat walked by us at least 3 times and didn't even great us.

What kind of service is that? I tried to call the store and after 3 unsuccessful attempts to reach a manager I just decided to contact the corporate office via their "contact us" online form. It said to expect to be contacted within 48 hours. Well, after looking online tonight I figure I may just as well go to Home Depot and buy a similar mower for $15 less. This store is 11 miles closer to home too!

Did you know most mowers have the Briggs and Stratton engine? So whether it is a Craftsman, Yard Machine, or Troy Bilt they have the same engine.

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