Monday, April 02, 2007

2 for 2

First of all, Happy Birthday to a good friend Minhaul! I tried to call and left a message!

My brother arrived Saturday. Gotta love the cell phone parking at Love Field. You can wait in a holding area and Saturday my brother called when they picked up their bags and I drove up and picked him up outside of the baggage area. Great when you have kids in the card.

Day 1 was a success. We watched the NCAA Final Four games and played cards. Both T-Man and his friend had a good time.

Day 2 was great too. My brother headfaked me and last night said he would go to church with me. WHAT? He's probably been inside a church twice in 20 years and one of those was for my wedding. Instead this morning he said he would install 2 ceiling fans.

Today we sat around watching NASCAR, the Mavericks and Golf. All 4 guys in the house napped while the girls went to my wife' school do do lessons for the week. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for drinks and appetizers. Watched the Cardinals take a beating too!

We ended the night bowling. 97cent games and $1.50 drinks. Cheap night. The only negative on the night was getting all the way to my home area and when I pulled up to get gas I realized my license and credit card were both still at the bowling alley. That added 30 minutes to the night.

All told we have had 2 great days and tomorrow, Monday, should hold the most fun. Golf early, followed up by a trip to the Grassy Knoll where Kennedy was shot, then the closer would be watching a Stars/Blues hockey game.

Family, friends, fun!

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