Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Staying Home

Loaded up the truck this morning figuring that I would mow a few yards after school. The forecast called for rain late in the night. Well, the steady drizzle and mist started about 11am this morning and steadily kept pace all day. That said I stopped by the grocery store for a few goods and came on home. My daughter is so adept to going places she pleaded with me to stop by LA Fitness.

Tonight was one of the rare nights that we actually stayed home. I made sandwiches and also prepared pork roast for pulled pork sandwiches on Thursday at school. Even though I stayed home my mind has been racing trying to sort out what all is left this month.

Wednesday night: pick up a fridge and go to church
Thursday night: detailing a car
Friday night: announcing the last softball game of the season
Saturday: interview #3
Sunday: church and new members lunch afterwards
Monday: ??? mow and mow and mow
Tuesday: wife and I both have school events
Wednesday: church again

and on and on and on

I did buy a new mower from Home Depot. The SEARS store never contacted me about the lack of service. So I'll say it: DON'T BUY FROM SEARS! Hey, one unsatisfied customer will tell at least 10 people. Fix his problems and he'll tell 20!

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