Sunday, April 22, 2007


I stopped by BigLots today to pick up an afternoon snack and while I was browsing the chips with my son he gestured about something down one of the side aisles and when I looked I saw a bill sitting on the floor. It looked like a $10 and I picked it up to see that it was a 100 dollar bill. At first I thought I was thinking that I could be on a TV program or some survey to see what people would do if they found $100.

I folded it up in my hands and looked for a manager. The check out lines were busy so I picked up the remaining few groceries that I needed and waited to check out. When I told the cashier I had found $100 she seemed surprised that I actually turned it in. I made sure another worker was there to witness the exchange because I didn't want to place someone else in temptation's way.

She took my name and # in case someone doesn't claim it, but I don't expect anything else to come of this. I just hope the person who lost it gets reunited with it.

It never crossed my mind to keep it. Especially since we were in a public place and the person who lost would most likely know where they last had it. Now if I found it in the park on a trail I would just come to recognize that I had just won a mini-lottery.

When working the movie theatre back in 1997 I found a $50 and when nobody claimed it after 5 days I got to keep it.

We shall see! What would you have done?

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