Tuesday, May 01, 2007

13-2 and a Broken Finger

We played our teachers vs. students kickball game last week and the students were really talking smack, especially to me. Well, the teachers let their play do the talking as we won 13-2 AND the students got to back at least 10 kickers each inning regardless of the # of outs.

During the game I played shortstop and was involved in many plays. I can proudly say that I am not the type of guy who will knock down the girls just to make a play. Early in the game I received a kicked ball and threw really hard to first base to get the out. A few innings later the firstbase woman stated that she felt her finger pop early in the game. Our nurse checked it out and said it was probably broken.

The next day my coworker showed up with a splint and a report that a tendon tore along with the break in the finger. That day the students were hounding me about breaking Mrs. J's finger.

As I pondered the situation I began to wonder how liable I was in the event. I did throw the ball pretty hard and she did catch it. I do know that the ball we used was really a hard ball too. I feel bad that she may need costly surgery even with having insurance. Should the school chip in? Should I help with the deductible? Could we accept donations from the other staff members? Could I detail cars with all proceeds going to the surgery?

What do you think, other that I'm a slimeball who was a little too competitive on the field? My son kept saying, "You kick the house.." referring to my long kick off the pavillion in right field that was called foul. Neat that he was watching his dad.

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