Monday, May 14, 2007

Sport Clips

About 2 years ago I went to Sport Clips to get my haircut. It was the grand opening and the ads showed some pretty hot young athletic looking gals cutting hair and giving massages-FALSE ADVERTISING.

Last week I received a $20 bill from a student for teacher appreciation week so I really wanted to earmark that money for something special or different. I once again went by Sport Clips to get a haircut. Their full treatment is called the MVP-Triple Play. It basically consists of a cut, shampoo, hot towel to the face, a face massage followed up by a neck and shoulder massage. Total cost for the package is $22. The normal cut is $18 without the shampoo and massages so the extra $4 is not bad.

I pulled up at 6pm with my daughter and before I got to the door I decided not to go in telling my daughter too many people were waiting. She insisted that I get the haircut and she was definitely a trooper. We waited for about an hour before I got my haircut. Total time spent arriving to leaving was almost 1 1/2 hours. I was only comfortable waiting this long since my wife had an after school commitment.

I was satisfied with my cut and did get the most presentable, athletic worker. I have seen this girl working out at the gym that I attend. She did a good job and was great at conversation. Too many times I've received a haircut only to have someone cutting who does not strike up conversation.....AWKWARD!

Don't know that I'll go back if it takes over an hour. I'll just go to Supercuts and allow the ManShe crossdresser who cuts on Sundays do my hair and my total start to finish time is less than five minutes. Plus it is $8 cheaper. I'd just have to get my wife to shower me with a little affection afterwards to make up for the difference.

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