Friday, May 18, 2007

My Off Day

Yes, I did take a sick day Wednesday, one day after going to E-care for some sinus and ear issues. Got put on antibiotics, steroids and Mucinex. Wednesday really didn't cost me anything. I mowed 2 lawns early and got paid $10 for one lawn.(+10) Mowed another lawn and will be paid $30 later. Spend $1 on a Route 44 Sonic diet Coke(+9). I then came home and did a little lawn work and cleaned up. I stopped and bought new socks at the Reebok outlet store for $12.(-3). After that I saw a movie on a FREE pass and used $9 in giftcards basically costing NOTHING for the movie.(-3) McDonalds fish meal for lunch, $5. (-8) I came home to receive $15 for one of the early lawns.(+7) I took the kids to dinner and used a $10 gift certificate to Dickeys and spent $5 out of my own pocket.(+2)

As busy as I was Wednesday I ended up positive cashwise and as of Friday I am feeling a little bit better.

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