Friday, May 11, 2007

Man Struck By Lightning

Saw a story on the news tonight about a man being struck by lightning while mowing. I joked around that I was not comfortable watching this story. Twice this year I have already mowed in the least ideal situations: first time was when I mowed 3 lawns in a medium downpour, 2nd time was when I wanted to mow my lawn before a storm arrived. That time I started my mower and just began my 2nd strip when a flash*bang hit in quick succession. That strike must have been within a 1/2 mile if not closer. I quickly stopped that time and waited about 10 minutes before mowing my lawn fully.

Today the guy was doing the same thing, mowing while it was still dry in hopes of beating the storm. They showed where he let go of his mower and it kept running as he crumpled to the ground.

This could SO HAPPEN TO ME! Thanks to God it hasn't!

I'll be sharing BIG news on tomorrow's or Saturday's blog!

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