Sunday, May 06, 2007

Worn out

Mowed 4 lawns Saturday morning before heading off to church to weed and mow for over 2 hours Saturday after noon. Then Saturday night I finally borrowed the equipment necessary for me to put in trim. We've had our hardwoods in since November and finally I got around to putting in trim. All has gone well except our entry area is octagon shaped with 4 different doorways. That makes for some tough cuts on the trim. I've got about 90% of it finished though.

Last night I felt a little hollow spot on the hardwoods as I walked from the living area to the kitchen. I stopped and walked back to find the floor had a bubble under the hardwoods. By today the area had more than quadrupled. We've called Lowes and they are supposed to get back to us tomorrow.

If you remember we bought our floors from Lowes, who then subcontracted with SunCarpet, who then subcontracted with probably some day laborers. We are praying they don't find some foundation defects. We also pray it is not our fault. In today's society it seems like good service and accepting fault is hard to come by.

Will keep you posted.

Worn out!

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