Sunday, May 20, 2007

Welcome Back CB

My good friend CB, blog signature name "me" should have gotten back tonight from his week long mission trip to Honduras. I'm not sure of what all was involved, but I guarantee you he didn't go down to sit on the beach and relax. Typically these mission trips are tough on you as most comforts are stripped away. I'm looking forward to hearing about the trip and how many opportunites for serving others came up.

Top 5 Things CB Missed While Away(that I know of)

5. Suns lost games 5 and 6 to lose their series. A late flagrant foul on Horry to Nash caused Diaw and Stoudamaire to leave the bench in defense. They were both suspended for game 5 which the Suns lost. Then lost game six in S.A.
4. Nice weather: A nice cool front came thru and for 5 straight days we have been allowed to cool the house with outdoor air. Nicest week of the year.
3. : My wife and I found an outdoor restaurant garden(known as a beer garden in St. Louis) and there was a one man(high school student) act playing songs by: Caedmons Call, Switchfoot, Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Mathews Band, etc. I'll have to take him by one night.
2. Driving HWY 75, traffic and work. I'm sure that is not something he actually missed.
1. Family: Not sure if he was allowed to take a cell phone, but I know CB is glad to be back with his wife and daughter. I look forward to hearing stories about "noises" heard while he was gone.

Looking forward to reading his posts about his trip and how he was able to help others! He's linked on my blogsite to the right under CB. He BETTER post!

Welcome back!

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