Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Winding Down

3 more days with students for me. My wife just has tomorrow so she crosses the finish line first. I feel I've had a really good year, but know in my heart I did not give it my best these last few weeks. I don't know if I contribute it to being too busy or just not being that excited to be in the building I am in.

Today we rewarded the 1/2 of the students who finished their class goals with a treat and an extra 20 minutes outdoor play time. I actually monitored these well behaved, self-motivated students for a few seconds and felt a sense of happiness and peace. THEN, I headed back to my room to work with the students who did not meet their goals YET(2 days left.......HELLO). This class contained many of the off task, often talking, distracting others, behavior issue kids. These kids I really feel have worn me out and stole a lot of my joy. I feel I am cheating the GOOD 1/2 dealing with the other 1/2. Many of my colleagues feel the same way and really feel defeated this time of the year.

I really look forward to a FRESH start next year and really want to keep myself in a position to stay fresh and excited while teaching almost ALL THE TIME!!!!!

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