Saturday, May 26, 2007


Yesterday I had 2 MAJOR bouts with heartburn. They kind that made me wonder if I was having a heart attack. My diet lately has really contributed to my having to chew a few Tums here and there.

Friday started with 2 1/2 breakfast bacon and egg soft tacos followed by a few snacks from our grade level reward day. For lunch we had chicken fajitas, chips and salsa. By 2:30 I was in so much pain that I went to the nurse's office and snagged 4 Tums. I had planned on eating 2 and then have 2 in reserve. Within 10 minutes I had ingested all 4. After 10 minutes the heartburn subsided.

Later that evening I picked up a few movies for us to watch and stopped by the Buffalo Wings A & D place for carryout. On top of the wings I had a snack mix and just before going to bed I opened a gift I received from a student, Henry and David's Moose Munch Confection: Popcorn, chocolate covered popcorn, chocolate peanuts and almonds.

After 10 minutes in bed it all started again. I was belching about ever 30 seconds. I took 4 Rolaids, ate a mini muffin followed by a glass of milk. I then remembered that I had some Nexium in the pantry.

I went to bed sitting up and slept alright. I feel fine today!

All that junk and I get on the scales today and I'm still under 200 pounds.

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