Saturday, June 02, 2007

Final Rake

School is finally out and my wallet is so fat from all the gift cards I ended up receiving. Between the teacher appreciation week and the final week of school here is most of what I ended up getting:

$50 to Ruby Tuesday
$25 Target and candles
$25 Starbucks
$10 Starbucks
$5 Starbucks
Case diet coke and a sports drink bottle
$15 Sports Authority
2 Ceramic containers
Starbucks mocha drink with biscotti and bath salt
Beach towel and sports drink bottle
Personalized Mr. THEMANFC drink cup
$50 movie theatre giftcard
Homemade breakfast
$10 move theatre giftcard

I finally used a $40 giftcard to Saltgrass today. I got it in February for my birthday. Not often would you let your 6 year old order the $15.49 grilled shrimp plate. Our total lunch bill= $40.40. I was only out of pocket $8 for the $7.60 tip.

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