Wednesday, June 27, 2007


My daughter is the master manipulater, queen negotiator, skilled arbitrator and DRIVING US CRAZY. My daughter definitely does not turn off until she falls asleep, about 1 minute after her head hits the pillow. When she is awake she is always wanting to do something. She'll bring up stuff that I've promised a month ago and she wants it NOW! When we tell her not right now she usually begins the next sentence with "well...." followed by a quickly thought out plan that will convince us to do it NOW!!!

So, this past weekend everytime she brought up something to do I simply said YES and told her to put it on her list. she has written out a list with about 10 things on it: The Zoo, Six Flags, movies, park, visit friends, etc. She even asked her mom,
"If I go and write sno cones on my list can we go get one right now?" We no sooner left the Zoo yesterday after 4 fun filled hours when she asked if we could go to Six Flags........... now.

We have 2 more weeks of her drilling us with all the requests and demands. Hope we regain control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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