Friday, June 15, 2007

Trip Update

Wednesday: worked for my brother as my dad watched the kids. Biggest concern is the poopie diaper as my dad does not change diapers. Only one minor mishap. I spent the night with my dad and watched the Cardinals.

Thursday: drove all the way to Kansas City to watch the Cardinals get whipped 17-8. Horrible game, we left in the 6th inning. Nachos and a drink=$15. We retreated to the Holiday Inn Lounge where we closed the place down. Total tab was about $160 for 7 of us, with very little being spent on food.

Friday: travel day back to St. Louis. Picked up the kids at my sister in law's house. All together she had 6,4,3,2 year olds and a 4 month old baby. The kids did well.

My blunder of the trip was misplacing, probably losing, a $30 check that a friend wrote out to me. Before going to the game yesterday I remember clearing out my wallet of everything except cash. I even asked my brother if he'd accept the check for 30 Ca$h. We couldn't find it at all. I even looked thru the trash 3 times. No telling where I hid it.

Saturday we will celebrate Father's Day one day early. We may bowl, go fishing and then visit over some odd arrangement of foods. I left my dad's gift in Texas so either my wife will need to mail it, or more likely bring it up with her when she comes in.

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