Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vacation Part II

Picked up the wife at the airport on Monday and officially part 2 of the vacation started. The reamining 2+ weeks will focus on family things such as:

-going to the St. Louis ZOO(free)
-going to Six Flags(free-school tickets)
-going to Grant's Farm
-visiting the wife's family which includes a birthday part
-Bed n Breakfast-12th anniversary July 8th
-July 4th fireworks downtown St. Louis
-July 7th fireworks at my brother's place(he'll spend $500+ of his own money)
-dining at favorite spots(Seamus McDaniels, Ted Drewes, Cecil Whitakers, etc)
-bowling(99 cent games on Wednesdays)

We did go to the St. Louis Zoo today and I'm pointing to the Rhino and the kids are more interested in chasing birds and chipmunks as well as pointing out the duck and rabbit in the Rhino area. Hmmm???? Kind of like getting a gift for your birthday and being more interested in the box that it came in.

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