Sunday, June 24, 2007

10 Cent Cones

I'll not bore you with my tile project today. Still working, yes.

My mom lives in the fast food mecca of Missouri and one of the best roast beef places around is Lion's Choice. Puts 3rd world, low grade beef Arby's to shame. Lion's Choice also is the home of the 10 cent cone. Perfect for a quick fix for a tasty treat. Chip in an extra 15 cents and get the cone dipped in chocolate. I think I could eat one of those EVERY night. I'm telling you, it is "right across the street."

I have also spent my share of $$$ at the McDonald's next to Lion's Choice. Spending a lot of time on the tiling project I end up getting the kids cheeseburgers, "ketchup only." McD's is stealing my business from the convenience store QT because the 42 oz. Hugo drink at McD's is only 89 cents. PLUS they have the $1 a day rental Redbox. Drawback is going to McDonalds with kids to just take the movie back. "I'll have a Hugo while I'm here......."

The wife is in town early Monday morning so the 2nd half of my St. Louis pilgrimage will be different. Time for family things.

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