Friday, June 29, 2007

La Pachanga

I have no idea what La Pachanga means in Spanish, but we did eat there yesterday for lunch. YES, another food entry.

This place reminds me of El Charos in Carthage, a Mexican restaurant that we at almost every week. Yesterday we ordered the lunch fajitas for a bargain price of $5.99. It was a large enough order that we had some left over. The chicken breasts come chopped up and was probably stewed in some sauce. We also ordered their white cheese queso and shredded cheese and felt like we were back in Carthage. The chicken nachos were a disappointment due to the fact that the tortilla chips got soggy pretty quickly. The hot sauce was a bit on the tomotoey side for my wife. My 3 year old LOVED the chips and hot sauce.

Lunch was close to $20, but you have to figure in $6 for the drinks. Places are killing people for ordering teas and sodas. The other day I paid $2.09 for one drink. That is why I usually order water when dining at a nicer establishment.

Going to my dad's today to do a tile project for him. My brother got on to me Wednesday for saying, "It should be easy." Just when you say that something will NOT be easy.

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