Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Bad and the Good

Last night my family went to Home Depot looking for a certain rug that is being discontinued. This certain rug is on clearance for 1/2 the original price. We left the house a little late and drove to the 3rd closest Home Depot. We were successful in finding the rug that we need for our small dining niche. Until now the chairs have been leaving slight scratches noticeable when the light hits the floor just right. While we were at the store my 2 kids went bonkers. I had to take my son kicking and screaming to the truck. Before going outside this was the conversation: "Since you were choosing to stand in mommy's cart you are getting your own. You can either sit in this one and wear the buckle or we will go out to the truck." We ended up in the truck. I am a big fan of following thru on consequences stated. We did not go to the other Home Depot, instead we drove straight home. I didn't say a word as I was all JACKED UP! This is the BAD!

Next Tuesday I will drive to St. Louis with my mom and 2 kids. My wife is currently attending a 3 week workshop and due to the above circumstances I chose to spend the last 2 weeks of her workshop surrounded by friends and family in St. Louis. She'll fly up Monday, June 25th. The full cost of her one way ticket flying Southwest Airlines is $64.90. She couldn't drive to St. Louis for that price. What a deal. Even if we owned a Toyota Hybrid it would be cheaper to fly. I say THANKS to Southwest Airlines for the great deal. Until Southwest was allowed to fly out of Dallas Love Field, the cheapest one way ticket thru American Airlines would have been at least $125, or double the cost of flying Southwest. This is the GOOD!

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