Thursday, June 07, 2007

Things That Pay for Themselves

The other day I went with my family to buy ink cartridges for our Epson printer. When we had problems with our orinial Epson printer the company said throw it away and we'll send you the newer model for FREE! What a joke, we spent $86 on 4 separate color ink cartridges that it needed.

From there we journeyed next door to Sports Authority to look for shoes for my wife since she left and lost a pair at the gym. I was ready to let her use my $15 giftcard, but she didn't find any shoes. We did find a small putter that my son could use when playing putt putt golf. While in like to check out I spotted a clearance table full of bowling shoes. 1/2 price of the lowest price. I would only have to pay $9 for some decent looking golf shoes. NO brainer, except I already have golf shoes. I bought them anyway figuring I could take a pair to St. Louis next week and leave them there. A few times I have been stranded in St. Louis without my bowling shoes and it turns my stomach having to pay $3 to rent some crappy shoe that 1,000+ other people have worn. A $30 investment for the bowling alley next a 100 fold return.

As I think about my $9 purchase it is easy to see that I'll recover that $9 spent in just 3 visits. What other things out there could pay for themselves in just a few happenings. I justified buying my cheap model $199 lawn mower knowing I make about $100 a week mowing lawns for people. I am really wanting to justify buying a gas powered edger and blower since I drag around electric ones now. Look at all the time I would save not winding the cord.

Cars do not fit into this category of paying for themselves, unless your talking a taxi cab or a limo.

What things can you think of that could pay for themselves quickly. Something like a season pass to Six Flags!

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